FrolicMe – HOTWIFE FANTASY – Ridge, Nikki Dreams

FrolicMe - HOTWIFE FANTASY - Ridge, Nikki Dreams

Imagine the anticipation as you sit waiting patiently, not knowing your stranger who you are about to meet and even fuck, but you have enough awareness of who he might be to allow yourself to engage in the upmost thrill that is coursing through your body as you sit quietly. Not only that but your stranger you don’t want to see, not to start with. You want to ensure your senses are on a state of high alert that the very first touch is as electrifying as it could possibly be and your mind is channeled on his every move around your body. This is the ultimate erotic tease of the upmost sexual kind. The first chance to engage as a sexy hotwife, while you know your husband watches quietly close by taking in every move you make, your body’s sexual responses, it’s cravings, and intimate pleasure as he fucks you. Your husband who knowingly has agreed and consented for this act to take place fulfilling a sexual fantasy you all can share in.

Sat quietly Nikki Dreams does just that in this highly charged erotic film. Dressed as she is with her beautiful full body shaped in her lace lingerie and black lace hold-ups with her eyes blindfolded she waits for her lover Ridge to take her while her husband looks filming and photographing the moments for their pleasure together. He acting the cuckold needs to ensure he captures all the essences of his beautiful loved wife as she fucks her unknown lover for the first time. The adrenalin not only running through her body it pumps hard through his, the mix of jealously knowing another man will devour her body while at the same time his excitement of watching, knowing he can take her back and reclaim her again for himself.

For many men, this is a fantasy that is held dear and can create such waves of intense arousal that just the thought yet alone the actual close up vision of a loved wife with another man is explosive.

This very horny and very erotic sexual film captures all that intensity of two unknown lovers as they come together to fulfill a hotwife fantasy all three of them can share in.

FrolicMe - HOTWIFE FANTASY - Ridge, Nikki Dreams


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